An Unforgettable Candid Conversation with the Stunning JUJU Haider

It is believed that fashions fade but style is eternal however some people never go out of style owing to fact that they are born stylists.  It is true that articulating the power of style and fashion through words is difficult.  Therefore some people believe “style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” There is no denying the fact that hairstyling saloon business is one of the most thriving businesses in today’s world. Since hairstyling salon business is extremely profitable, therefore many people have entered the hairstyling trade, making it highly competitive. It is obviously true that only a few exceptionally talented stylists make their way to the top as talent is what separates true stylists from decorators.  The exceptionally talented Juju Haider “Creative Director at Tony & Guy Islamabad” needs no introduction in the world of hairstyling. Recently Seema Khan and Fatima Zulfiqar (Team Yolo) had the opportunity of having a candid talk with her and this is what she has to say.

How did you enter the hairstyling business?

I had an inclination towards hairstyling especially hair cutting since I was 11-12 years old.  I use to do my aunts make up and bleach their hair however the good part was that they trusted me.  Later when my son was 4 years old I went to Karachi to do a three months course in cuts, colors and makeup.  Since most of my clients were in Lahore so I shifted from Islamabad to Lahore. As my parents are very supportive and amazing so they also moved to Lahore.

Tell us about your education?

I did my Bachelor’s from Saudi Arabia.

Since there are so many stylists in town what is it that makes you so unique?

I think I become friends with my clients in that one hour slot, I listen to them make them feel comfortable in this environment. . I make them feel that they are the most important people.  I provide them services that they are happy with.  There is an instant gratification and I enjoy it.

How do you keep up with the latest trends?

Every year we have refreshers in the UK where we come to know about latest trends.  Since it is a creative field it is fun and we learn so much.

You have a very busy routine how to you manage to take time out for socializing?

Socializing is mostly done in the evenings. I have to do a lot of traveling therefore at times my family gets angry that they only get to see me at weddings.

Have you ever been criticized?

Yes, sometimes criticism comes our way and when it come my way I stay calm as I believe that the client is always right.  Therefore, consultation is very important, do not cut or color if you do not know what your client wants. Whenever criticism comes I tell my clients “let me fix it” and 99% times, your irritated client becomes loyal.

Tell us about your personal life?

I am a single parent since I got divorced 10 year ago, my ex-husband supports our children.  My son is in Doha for education and my daughter is a university student.

Do you find working in an extremely competitive environment challenging? 

I like working in a competitive environment as it helps you to grow and learn every day. In the absence of competition one would not strive to do better hence becoming stagnant and redundant.  Therefore, competition is great.


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