Gems of Society Rahat Kazmi: The Actor with an Exceptional Brilliance A man with multiple talents

The exceptionally talented Rahat Kazmi needs no introduction as his work speaks volumes making him one of the most versatile actors in the history of television.  Having a career spanning over forty years ,Kazmi has been successful as a talk show host, actor, teacher and a social thinker. Born in Simla in 1946 into a noble family, his father was a lawyer by profession.  However, Kazmi instead of following in his father’s footsteps decided to carve his own way.  After obtaining a degree in political science and English Literature, he decided to try his luck as a civil servant.   Resultantly, Kazmi managed to carve a niche as an information officer however after serving for a few years he gave up his career and ended up becoming an actor.  Since Kazmi was in the habit of reading ,he translated a few foreign plays into Urdu, adapting them for television.  His famous television drama Qurbatain aur Faasalay aired in 1974 which was adapted from a Russian novel “father and sons.” Kazmi always had a great love for acting therefore he once performed on stage in 1965 as a college student at a university program for television. After appearing on television in 1976, while participating in “ Mayaar” a quiz show ,Kazmi had no looking back as he eventually emerged as one of the finest actors. Initially he began his acting career from the Rawalpindi center with “Goonge” which made a lasting impact on his career. Auraaq, Anarkali and Koltar are a few remarkable names from some of his initial television dramas. He also hosted the Rahat Kazmi show in 1976 which was a sheer prove of his extraordinary brilliance.  Some of his all-time favorite plays include Dhoop Kinaray, Nangey Paoon, Parchaiyan and Zikar Hay Kai Saal Ka, which made him gain unprecedented fame as a television actor.  Kazmi also appeared on the silver screen opposite all leading ladies at that time.  Some of his memorable films include Aaj aur Kal, Insaniyat and Muthi Bhar Chawal etc.

  Following are a few less known interesting facts about Rahat Kazmi

  • Rahat Kazmi describes  himself as a melancholic, depressed person.
  • He is fond of listening to music and reading books therefore he has a huge collection of books and music CDs.
  • Rahat and Saira Kazmi were the most celebrated television couple after drama Qurbatain aur Faslay and resultantly they were on the cover of every magazine.
  • Rahat Kazmi owing to his love for teaching has taught English and Urdu literature at The Lyceum School.


  • Rahat Kazmi is married to renowned television actress and director Saira Kazmi and is blessed with two children Nida and Ali Kazmi.

Rahat Kazmi is currently the head of the Napa Theater department. He is a thorough professional and is immensely contributing to the society by being one of the best luminaries in the field of acting.  Rahat Kazmi is surely a man with extraordinary brilliance who continues to shine.







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