Mi Band 2 – New, Improved and Affordable

The Xiaomi Mi Band has been a global trackers hit, and now, the popular range got an amazing upgrade with Xiomi Mi Band 2 and I believe everyone should give it a try. What's more? To some degree, the band carries out the occupation of helping one understand how dynamic (or stationary) a person is.

Affordable at around Rps. 3000, Mi Band 2 can be connected to any smartphone and you will find that it is a perfect match. Tips on how it could be used and monitored is found on every play store or app store. You will be able to purchase the Mi Band 2 with a black band but it also comes in many other colors. The best part is that you can purchase other bands separately and change the band color according to your mood. You can authoritatively get Mi Band groups in dark, orange, blue and green, however we've as of now observed more hues around on the web.

As the iconic band is only a year old, the Mi Band 2 (according to me) is an alluring upgrade. With a screen that shows the time and your action for the duration of the day and heart rate screen, you won't find a tracker better than this, which helps gets alerts more frequently than all others and at this cost. You get practically what you paid for from the Mi Band 2. It’s also IP67 water safe so you can sprinkle it with water or shower with it as well. How great is that?!

Recently, after purchasing the Mi Band 2 myself, I was super impressed. You can sync your Mi Band 2 to a friend’s Mi Band by scanning the codes. My favorite feature is the “nudge/boost” one. This feature allows you to view another friend’s statistics by nudging each other. Stats such as, heat rate, sleeping pattern, weight, calorie count, etc. it helps one determine where they are at as compared to other Mi Band wearers.

The 0.42-inch OLED screen is truly fluffy, particularly in the event that you contrast it with something like the Alta's show. Still, it does the job well such as showing the time, steps, calories consumed and heart rate (no separation). It will not shock anyone that the auto screen turn on works more or less automatically; just by lifting your wrist or by tapping the key.

However, there is one drawback to Mi Band 2 - You cannot receive calls through it. Nevertheless, when connected via Bluetooth you will be able to feel it vibrate each time a message is delivered to your phone or a call is incoming. Moreover, the screen of the Mi Band 2 displays the sender’s name letting you know who it is and even displays the message icon; whether the message is of WhatsApp or your phone.

As far as following, how about we keep this straightforward and begin with the positives. The Mi Band's sleep following is great and precise - the module consequently identifies that you've gone to rest, or woken up, and is a helpful manual for managing your sleep patterns. Additional items incorporate the capacity to set different cautions to vibrate in order to wake you up. This is a prominent feature that has been upgraded from the previous two Mi Bands. It battles to auto perceive when you begin running/working out and its set out of gear caution wasn't as solid as most gadgets with this capacity. For accuracy, however, the Mi Band 2 gives somewhat nearer results to more costly trackers, for instance Fit bit.


The little retail box of the new Mi Band 2 conceals no curve balls - the new Mi Band 2 is inside, a delicate strap, and includes a little USB link for charging.


The screen is sufficiently splendid and is obvious even under direct daylight. Also, it mixes well underneath the back glass on the band's front. This is because of the little pixel check, the screen can just show notice symbols, for example, message or email symbol, and not content, but rather that still means something. The more established groups did this with various LED hues or number of vibrations.


Warnings may have commenced as a reward highlight with the principal Mi Band, yet they have turned into an important element in the most recent wearable gadgets. Xiaomi realized that, particularly when it incensed many people by discarding the RGB LEDs and selecting white-just lights in the later clumps of the primary Mi Band and subsequently, Mi Band 1s.

Battery Life

My Xiaomi Mi Band 2 kept going precisely 30 days on a solitary charge. Every other tracker and show choices were on, including the wrist signal for checking the time. The 30-day battery accomplishment included every day: around 50 time checks, 8-10 heart rate checks, 5 pushes through every one of the sheets, and two synchronizations with the Mi Fit application.

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