The Bitter Rivalry between the U.S and Iran becomes Indelible

President Trump’s decision of designating the Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp as terrorists has initiated the new beginning of a bitter rivalry between the two states.  Since pulling out of the Iranian nuclear deal the White House has promised harsher and harsher punishment on Iran.  Trump administration has made regime change in Iran its top priority therefore some U.S officials believe that this might bring that close to reality.  The U.S has accused the IRGC of planning and executing terror campaign all around the world such as the 1996 Khobar bombings which killed 19 American service men. Iran has been blamed for the plot to bomb a restaurant in Washington in 2011 in which the Saudi Ambassador to the U.S was the prime target.   Therefore, businesses and banks around the world have been ordered to ensure not to have financial deals with companies financially connected with the IRGC.  Furthermore,   Qasim Sulemani commander of the Kurd forces has been charged of advancing the Iranian revolution by violent means.  The Iranian regime and Sulemani are also held responsible for the killing of 603 American soldiers.  Moreover, the Iranian leaders have been called racketeers instead of being revolutionary’s therefore the Iranian public needs better officials.  In response to the U.S decision of classifying IRGC as a terrorist organization Iran has put the US military on the list of its foreign terrorist organizations. IRGC’s top commander Mohammad Ali Jafari has warned that the U.S army and security forces would not experience peace and calm in the Middle East anymore. According to the Iranian President Husain Rouhani the Iranians and the guards will unite hence the guards will grow more popular in Iran and the region. Responding to Rouhani’s remarks the guards have vowed to improve their defense and even offense capabilities.  The defense forces in a statement have warned of giving unforgettable lesson’s to Iran’s adversaries.  President Trump’s unprecedented move of declaring a state army a terrorist’s organization has created two camps in Washington.  As Mike Pompeo and national security adviser John Bolton agree with Trump’s decision the CIA and Pentagon see this move leading to a future confrontation.  The CIA and the Pentagon fear the probability of a military confrontation between the U.S and Iranian forces stationed in Iraq.  Considering this situation some international observers question whether this move can actually collapse the Iranian government or it is that the U.S is just escalating tension.  Some observers contend that putting more economic pressure on the most sanctioned state in the world will not put much pressure on the IRGC.   It is believed that Trump’s policy for Iran besides being pro-Israeli has a clear purpose of regaining the Saudi confidence.  In light of this situation some observers are wondering what the U.S will gain from this dangerous rivalry.  The new U.S policy will definitely protect the interests of the U.S allies Israel and Saudi Arabia.    There are chances that the U.S might get involved in a military confrontation with Iran. Some suggest that the U.S by permanently entering into rivalry with Iran will serve the long desired Saudi interest.  Riyadh has welcomed the U.S decision of classifying IRGC as a terrorist organization calling it a serious and practical step in countering terrorism.  The Saudi Kingdom has further asked the international community to take a firm stance regarding IRGC in undermining peace and security. Since the U.S has pledged to fully support Riyadh in Iranian Saudi cold war one view suggests that the door to diplomacy is permanently shut.   International observers believe that both Iran and the U.S have now entered a new phase of bitter rivalry which will persist even in years to come.

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The Bitter Rivalry between the U.S and Iran becomes Indelible

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